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121. The Norrmalmstorg Robbery

On this episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett discuss the 1973 Norrmalmstorg Bank Robbery and how it coined the term “Stockholm Syndrome”. LIVE ONLINE SHOW TICKETS HERE!  Case Sources: The New Yorker, “The Bank Drama,” by Daniel Lang, November 18, 1974, “Stockholm Syndrome: The True Story of Hostages Loyal to their Captor,” by Christopher Klein, April 9, 2019, “The Six-Day Hostage Standoff that Gave Rise to ‘Stockholm Syndrom,’” by Kat Eschner, August 23, 2017, “A 1973 Bank Robbery Gave the World ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ – But There’s More to the Story Than That,” by David King, August 4, 2020, “How the ‘Bank Drama’ of 1973 Brought Us Stockholm Syndrome,” by Alva Yaffe, no date provided., “Stockholm Syndrome, would you protect the people sent to harm you?” author not listed, June 7, 2021, “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Stockholm Syndrome,” by Kristin Hunt, April 24, 2019, “Stockholm, Sweden Metro Area Population 1950-2022”, “Where is Jan-Erik Olsson Now?” by Shraman Mitra, May 6, 2022, “Clark on Netflix: is Clark Olofsson still alive?” by Natalie Zamora, May 2022, “Clark Olofsson: The Swedish Criminal who Inspired the Stockholm Syndrome,” by Mallika, May 6, 2022, “Jan-Erik Olsson” Assisted research and writing by Diane Birnholz Links: Ads: Just Thrive: use code HUSBAND Faherty: and use code HUSBAND Betterhelp: Shopify:  Upside: download the free Upside App and use promo code husband Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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