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36 | Janger - EDM Music Champ from Sound Off Music App

av Music Producer's Treasure Box Podcast | Publicerades 2/28/2020

Fresh Finds February: Bringing you Upcoming and New artists from the underground! ----more---- Janger is a new artist reigning from LA but currently attending university in Syracuse, NY. His EDM music is powerful and energizing as well as catchy! ----more---- The artist sat down with FERMI to discuss his musical journey and the stories behind his work. Janger gives alot of advice worth taking notes on for new artists around plugins, synths, and tools that he recommends. ----more---- His release Move It Down recently competed on the music app Sound Off and won him the opportunity to open for Kaz James at the New York Fashion Week.  ----more---- ||| Janger on Spotify: ----more---- ||| Janger on Instagram: ----more--------------------------------- ||| FERMI on Instagram: ----more---- ||| Reserve Your Discounted Music Marketer Academy Spot: Http:// ----more---- ||| Join Our Facebook Community:

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