Episode 3: Feminism, with Adelaide Waldrop

In this third of three podcasts on the theme of feminism, Barbara and David are joined by two guests: Adelaide Waldrop, a young contemporary feminist working in the arts and co-founder of Maude, a feminist theatre company, and Sid Mohandas, whose doctoral thesis explores the materialisation of gender in learning environments.

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In the early 20th Century, Maria Montessori transformed our appreciation of the importance of early childhood to every individual and to society. Her followers are astounded by the ongoing relevance of her insights to contemporary issues — freedom, justice, peace, nature, identity, progress, independence, faith and love — all thoughtfully explored by Montessori experts and guests in this series of podcasts. The hosts are Barbara Isaacs, leading Montessori authority and President of Montessori Europe, and David Gettman, founder of My Montessori Child software, which sponsors this podcast.