Till Death Do Us Pod - S5 Episode 03 - Every Day is No Diet Day

Thursday, 6 May is international No Diet Day and I have had a lot to say about diet culture over the years. Too much of our worth seems to be tied into our weight and looks and it is just crazy to me. So they say that ‘No Diet Day’ is a time to put away the scales, stop calorie counting and to accept who we are and what we look like. We say that everyday is a good day for this, just throw the scale away already, eat the cake and get on with enjoying your life. Mike and I decided to bring in Harriet, a.k.a. TobyandRoo and Riona OConnor as guests for this episode, they are also known for being really vocal on shitty diet culture and body positivity. We also played a game of Diet Bingo, nobody won but we had some fun with it. Enjoy!!

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Writer and Content Creator Tova Leigh exploits her husband Mike and forces him into no hold barred conversations about love, marriage, parenting, social media and sex with the promise of actually cooking dinner once in a while. Till Death Do Us Pod is their unofficial 'date night' with the occasional interview and answering questions from the listeners.