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Till Death Do Us Pod - S5 Episode 08 - Simon Brodkin. Doctor turned Comedian.

In this week’s episode of Till Death Do Us Pod we are chatting to Simon Brodkin. You would know Simon as a Comedian, most well-known for his stunts, stand up shows and the characters he mimics. All sounds very standard right? What you don’t know is that Simon studied and practiced medicine before leaving it all behind so pursue a career in comedy. We chatted to him about his role as a comedian, his previous life as a doctor and that time Trump had him arrested.

Om Podcasten

Writer and Content Creator Tova Leigh exploits her husband Mike and forces him into no hold barred conversations about love, marriage, parenting, social media and sex with the promise of actually cooking dinner once in a while. Till Death Do Us Pod is their unofficial 'date night' with the occasional interview and answering questions from the listeners.