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Till Death Do Us Pod - S6 Episode 01 - Scummy Mummies & a love for books

Me and Mike Leigh are back for a brand new season of Till Death Do Us Pod. In this week’s episode of Till Death Do Us Pod we chatted to the dynamic comedy duo, Scummy Mummies, the fabulous Helen and Ellie! These women are an absolute hoot and we had so much fun, first off we played our Two Truths & a Lie ice breaker game, we chatted about their podcast and stage shows and all the other projects they are juggling. It is also International Day so we chatted about my new book, You Did What and Helen’s book, Get Divorced, Be Happy. So if you love a laugh then this is the episode for you! *This episode was recorded ages ago around the time of International Literacy Day, Enjoy!*

Om Podcasten

Writer and Content Creator Tova Leigh exploits her husband Mike and forces him into no hold barred conversations about love, marriage, parenting, social media and sex with the promise of actually cooking dinner once in a while. Till Death Do Us Pod is their unofficial 'date night' with the occasional interview and answering questions from the listeners.