Till Death Do Us Pod - S6 Episode 02 - Vagina Steaming & Self Care

In this week’s episode of Till Death Do Us Pod we chatted to Lauren and Nicole from The Self Care Club podcast. Now we all know how important self care is right? But there are so many therapies, treatments and apps out there all claiming to be the best – that’s where Lauren and Nicole come in, they test everything out so that you don’t have to. We chatted about how they were put together by a sex therapist, vagina steaming and butthole sunning. This is such a funny episode, you don't want to miss it! Make sure you subscribe and leave us a review if you don't follow us already on socials go to www.instagram.com/tilldeathdouspod/

Om Podcasten

Writer and Content Creator Tova Leigh exploits her husband Mike and forces him into no hold barred conversations about love, marriage, parenting, social media and sex with the promise of actually cooking dinner once in a while. Till Death Do Us Pod is their unofficial 'date night' with the occasional interview and answering questions from the listeners.