Essential Oils Apothecary Tip: Can EOs Be Used for Infertility?

So, let’s talk about how essential oils can be used for infertility. I’ve had women, desperate for help, ask me about how to use essential oils to increase their odds of conceiving and avoiding miscarriage, and I’m always at a loss for a definitive answer because the research is so quiet in this area. What really confuses people is that if you search “essential oils for infertility” online, you’ll get 2.5 million hits on Google (up from 536,000 at the time I wrote my first book, two ago) linking you to articles that offer all sorts of infertility solutions using essential oils. Let me be the one to burst the bubble here: Most of the so-called fertility blends and lists of oils you see out there in the blogosphere are nonsense. There is absolutely no scientific evidence suggesting that they really work. What we do know is that stress, diet, comorbidities (other health issues), prescription drugs, prior use of birth control, and a number of other factors can play a role in the fertility of both partners. We also know that oxidative stress is a leading cause of male infertility and antioxidative supplementation (including essential oils) can produces an improvement in sperm motility (how well the sperm are able to move). Whatever course you choose, never lose hope. Keep trying different options, and I pray that you find the answer that you’re looking for! Just do me a favor and keep me posted. I always love to read the “medical miracles” that flow through my inbox telling me how essential oils have changed people’s lives! 

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