Hope for Breast Cancer: The Backstory & Why We Do What We Do

Have you been touched by a cancer diagnosis? Whether it’s you or a loved one, this news is devastating. We have dealt with cancer and loss among our loved ones many times ourselves. So when Mama Z’s close friend, Angie, was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back, it touched us to our core. We had already experienced so much heartache relating to cancer – and we’d heard so many stories from you as well -  that we had to do something. With our mustard seed of faith, God paved the way for us to create our new documentary, Hope for Breast Cancer. Today, we’re going to share the backstory on how this film was born into existence, including how Angie came to be at the center of the film. We want Hope for Breast Cancer to provide optimism and options for people struggling with cancer. And we want to share how God does big things when we are faithful with the little things. Join us to hear this inspiring story! EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Intro (1:05) Hope for Breast Cancer documentary(3:10) Diffuser reveal (6:55) News and announcements (7:23) Testimonial time (13:14) The backstory of the Hope for Breast Cancer documentary (15:44) Being personally touched by cancer (21:23) Care at the Hope4Cancer Treatment Center (25:15) How many more people can we help? (29:23) Evolution of a documentary: the story behind the story (35:48) Finding your why and your purpose (40:42) The drive for excellence & the heart of a giver (46:30) Exploring options after a cancer diagnosis (55:35) With faith the size of a mustard seed (57:52) Natural living tip and episode wrap (1:07:00)  

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