The THREE Most Important Things in Life: A Year in Review (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of The Three Most Important Things in Life: A Year In Review. As we discussed in last week’s podcast, there are 3 things that satan will attack the most: your walk with God, your relationships, and your health. This week, we are focusing on health. When life is difficult, it’s tempting to abandon healthy living. We may succumb to fast food, skip workouts, or give in to other unhealthy “shortcuts.” But if we do, even temporarily, it will be harder to get back on track. How can you stay healthy in a busy season? This August, we discovered how truly hectic life could become. In fact, we feel like we lived 5 years in the space of one month! But we stayed on track with all the important things including our health. How did we do it? As Mama Z loves to say, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance! This week, we discuss the 7 buckets that are vital for good health and how to improve and move forward in all of those areas as best you can. We’ll share tips on how we kept healthy this summer even on our busiest days. Are you ready to protect your health from getting derailed by busyness, difficulties or the schemes of the enemy? Then join us for today’s podcast! EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Topic intro and what’s in our diffuser (3:42) Reviews – and tell us what you think (8:25) Our crazy summer & wrapping up relationship tips (20:48) 7 buckets that are vital for good health (22:21) Natural remedies & the benefits of magnesium (26:42) Purify your water and air (40:08) The importance of exercise and sleep (51:13) Why are we talking about this? (59:27) Natural living tip and episode wrap (65:43)

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“Green" living is the new black, but many people are still unsure how to live a healthy, natural lifestyle. After spending the last 15 years experimenting on how to best balance health, work, finances, with family and everyday life ... Natural Living Family pioneer couple Dr. Eric and Sabrina Ann Zielinski, authors of The Healing Power of Essential Oils & The Essential Oils Diet, have cracked the code. This podcast goes deeper into their NLF world. Tune in to discover the behind-the-scenes mishaps and success stories that have inspired Dr. Z & Mama Z to help millions of people master the art of living an abundant life in this faith-based, family-friendly show.