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Allen Wolf: Hollywood's Biggest Night

It's Hollywood's Biggest Night! Filmmaker Allen Wolf shares surprising facts and trivia about the Academy Awards®, and his own experience being an Oscar® best man. We're also giving away prizes to listeners of the show.Oscar® night is Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, if you work in movies, and that’s because of what the Oscars® represent - the highest achievement for a motion picture voted on by your peers. The Academy Awards® started in 1929 when they handed out their first awards at a dinner party for about 250 people at the blossom room of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, but what's happened since?Who paid 1.54 million to own an Oscar® ? which actor got jilted and then got revenge on the Oscar® stage?  Which film cost $280 million and didn't win Best Picture? You'll find out all of that and more during this special episode about Hollywood's Biggest Night.Links:• Academy Awards Official Site• Navigating Hollywood's Marriage Course, Pre-Marriage Course, Alpha Course• Allen Wolf on IMDb, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter• Allen Wolf's website• Allen Wolf's You're Pulling My Leg! book on Amazon• Navigating Hollywood's Podcast SiteThe transcript for this episode can be found here.Video for this episode can be found here.My new novel, The Sound of Violet, is now available wherever books are sold. It was recently named the "Best Romantic Comedy Novel of the Year" by Readers Favorite International Book Awards. Find out more at

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Film and TV professionals talk about the ups and downs of navigating Hollywood and how they've worked to stay relationally and spiritually healthy in a demanding industry. Hosted by filmmaker, author, and game creator Allen Wolf.