Body Image, Food Rules & The Comparison Trap

Episode #2: Trigger Warning: we discuss eating disorders. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and hated your reflection? Us too. In this episode we discuss how we navigate bad body image days now and our journeys from food rules to food freedom. We can promise you that letting your mind bully your body is NOT the answer because you do not deserve that, EVER! Follow us on @navigatingwomanhoodpod and send us your thoughts, questions & dilemmas using the link below OR send us a DM on instagram. Lots of love, Em & T xx

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Welcome to Navigating Womanhood where we help you ride the crazy wave of being a woman. We explore the highs and lows of LIFE and unpack the truth about topics such as body image, fitness fads, friendships, relationships, and everything in-between. All you need to know, is that THIS is the safe space you’ve been craving as a woman. Love Em & T