25. Finding deals in Maui, ignoring what the haters say about HCOL areas, and optimizing properties for $500/mo+ cashflow with Zasha @investwithZasha

This week I’m talking with Zasha, a fellow mom, woman in STEM and real estate investor (did we just become best friends?) about what its like to invest in a high cost of living area. Zasha lives and invests in Maui, Hawaii both, in rental properties and flips. She didn’t start out with any real estate or financial background, instead she was a civil engineer for ten years. Before she was married, she sold her home she shared with her mother, and netted $100k+ profit! She had no idea this was possible and started to learn more about investing in real estate. Zasha has a wealth of different experiences in real estate, from flipping homes to rentals in section 8, to building attached dwelling units on her properties. We talk about criteria we look for when shopping for homes-you can’t beat that corner lot! She demystifies renting to section 8 tenants, and like most things, its less intimidating than it seems. She has worked her way from FHA loans to BRRR to using private money and partnerships. She has even dabbled in seller financing. Zasha isn’t afraid to try new things and make them work for her. Like me, Zasha’s goal is to make passive income month and be on the path to financial freedom. Though I’ve been reluctant to jump on board, Zasha has sold me on the importance of a morning routine for success. She talks us through her tips-she wakes up at 4:30AM (ok probably not going to be able to do that one) and plans her day, visualizing what she will accomplish and using affirmations. Exercise is key and working on mindset daily. We both talk about balance and what's important to us. After this conversation I’m inspired to start thinking about my mornings differently. Step one: visualize owning a home in Maui… You can find Zasha at @investwithzasha on Instagram! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nerdsguidetofi/support

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Hey friend, I am Sarah. Welcome to the Nerds Guide to Financial Independence Podcast! I am a solo mama of one, running on too much taco bell and refusing to give up a weekly fancy latte. I’m here to show that financial independence can be for anyone who wants it badly enough. Investing in real estate doesn’t have to be scary, take vast DIY knowledge, or involve heaps of debt. When I am not sharing my own progress to FI, I’ll be picking the brains of like-minded debt contentious investors. I am so glad you are here, my fellow aspiring retirees. Come join the IG party: @nerdsguidetoFI Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nerdsguidetofi/support