Bill Sharpe: patterning hope

Bill is a futures thinker who had a career as a research manager in the computer industry before he and his colleagues came up with the Three Horizons framework (one of the most useful models to consider how to move from an ailing system to an emerging one). He lives in Wales where the glacial valleys and cragged tops are his laboratory for exploring how we connect our inner and outer knowledge for the benefit of humanity and our planet. We make a truth in how we live a life, he says. He shows us how to pattern hope through the simple means of awakening our awareness to the qualities of being and of being together in life. Made by Jo Barratt with Gemma Mortensen, Iris Andrews and Lily Piachaud. Music is made for New Constellations by Art School Girlfriend. Discover more at, and join us on Instagram and Twitter @newconstells

Om Podcasten

For millennia, across cultures and continents, we have looked to the stars to navigate when we are lost. Celestial bodies have exerted a magnetic pull over our lives and imaginations. In this era of transformation, in which everything is in flux, we are locked onto old stars that are pulling us in a perilous direction. We need to discover new stars, new possibilities, and reset our course. New Constellations exists to help people imagine and create a future in which humanity and the planet can flourish together; to find and illuminate new constellations of hope and possibility towards which we can orient our lives. We invite you to meet and journey with some of the many pioneering people and communities whose thinking, work and practice shines light on the way ahead. Join us and learn more at