#19 Checking in with Racism & White Supremacy

So much gratitude for you listening to and sharing this podcast 🙏🏼 my IG - http://instagram.com/benjam Educational Material I’m consuming on the topic of racism & white supremacy - ‘White Fragility’ by Robin Deangelo - ‘Me and White Supremacy’ by Layla F Saad - ‘Why I’m no longer talking to whites people about race’ by Reni Edo-Lodge - Follow these people - https://instagram.com/innerlightwarrior - http://instagram.com/prestonsmiles - http://instagram.com/renieddolodge - http://instagram.com/sholamos1 - http://instagram.com/laylafsaad - http://instagram.com/davidolusoga Donate - Black Minds Matter - https://gf.me/u/x59z4d Sending Love ♥️

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