#21 5 Gram Mushroom Ceremony Trip Report

In this podcast I break down my Soma mushroom ceremony, the experience and what I’ve learnt and how I’m integrating the teachings from this ancient plant medicine. Please give me feedback on an IG story and share with anyone you might think would resonate with this share! Check out my Patreon community - http://Patreon.com/benjambrown Follow my IG - http://instagram.com/benjam

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the New Perceptions podcast! We cover topics of human existence; consciousness, healing, mental/physical/emotional/spiritual health, personal growth, creative expression and more. Some episodes are solo ‘journey notes’ where I share my own personal insights. Lets explore consciousness, creativity, health, psychedelics, relationships & seek to understand our place in the universe! My intention for this podcast is to share ideas that expand human consciousness ♥️ Instagram - http://instagram.com/benjam YouTube - http://YouTube.com/benbrown Website - http://benjam.uk