Andy Brogan & Anna Smart #What-Is-The-Role-Of-Moral-Outrage-In-System-Change?

Andy Brogan is founder and convenor of Next Stage Radicals, co-founder of Easier Inc and the Human Learning Systems Collaborative and a member of Society 2045 (a social action group). Based in Herefordshire (UK) Andy's work is all about creating better ways of working and better places to work. At the core of this he believes in the need for a profound shift from conventional models of accountability - which he argues dehumanise people and create systemic irresponsibility - to a fresh emphasis on personal responsibility and agency based in fellowship. Fuelling this shift, Andy proposes that it is necessary to engage with questions about work and the workplace as essentially ethical questions about what role it is legitimate for people to play in each others lives.  Joined by fellow Next Stage Radical Anna Smart (this episode's guest host), this podcast is an exploration of these ideas. It investigates how viewing work through an ethical lens can provoke personal discomfort - even outrage - and how this may be both useful and necessary in order to move the world of work to the next stage. You can find out more about Andy and his work via Twitter @AndyTBrogan, via his LinkedIn profile or via the Easier Inc website. NB If you are tuning into this podcast before 12th February 2021 you can also join Andy for an EXPLORING ALOUD online workshop, where he will be in discussion about the themes raised in this podcast. More details and registration available here.

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We are the Next Stage Radicals and we are on a mission to make work work better. We live and work in lots of different places, collaborating as a Community of Practice and "Exploring Aloud" together. Our podcast is one of the ways we do this; sharing what we are doing and learning so that you can learn with us.