J. Kim Wright #Lawyers-As-Peacemakers-And-Changemakers

This month’s radical is J. Kim Wright. Kim is a legal systems entrepreneur - transforming the systems, ideas, approaches, and habits that have underpinned the legal system since… well, forever. Although based in the US, Kim’s work connects cutting-edge lawyers, like-minded professionals, and communities all over the planet. She writes extensively, teaches law, coaches and advises clients, hosts and mobilises action within the integrative law movement and plays a key role as a co-founder of the Conscious Contracts® process. She’s also been know to have a day off! In this episode I sit back and relax as Kim tells me all about her journey through life. It's remarkable, inspiring and a perfect example of what's possible when we grab hold of our place in the world and don't let go. Find out more about Kim: On Linked-In @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jkimwright/ On Twitter @ https://twitter.com/cuttingedgelaw On her personal website @ https://jkimwright.com Or via one of her company websites: @ http://consciouscontracts.com @ https://cuttingedgelaw.com And if you are reading this before 13 April 2021, come and join me and Kim for her EXPLORING ALOUD online workshop where we'll be unpacking how people can connect to what really matters to them, find their purpose and make it happen; “Why not? How ordinary people achieve extraordinary things” with J Kim Wright. More info and registration @ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/exploring-aloud-how-ordinary-people-achieve-extraordinary-things-tickets-141151131835

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