Joeri Torfs #Beyond-institutions-creating-a-world-of-frictionless-person-to-person-engagement

This month’s guest radical is Joeri Torfs. Joeri's mission is to create frictionless person-to-person collaboration, unmediated by institutions and underpinned by a novel socio-economic model which enables people to adapt and self-manage in the face of life challenges. Together with his partner Pim Ampe, Joeri pursues this through his work as an enterprise architect and as Operational Director at the Quality of Life World Foundation. In this episode we discuss (i) the presence of 'force' in our lives and how this is impacting our ability to meet our needs (ii) ways in which the 'next stage' is already here but not yet integrated (iii) the role of individual agency in making change (iv) opting out of the status quo while still remaining part of the world. Find out more and connect with Joeri and Pim via: The Quality of Life World website. Joeri's Twitter (@joeri) or Linked-In Pim's Linked-In Also, you can read more about the Collaborative Agreements that Joeri mentions in the podcast here. If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Wednesday 10th November then come and join Joeri for his EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to directly discuss the issues raised in this podcast with Joeri and others. EXPLORING ALOUD: 'A frictionless person-to-person world' with Joeri Torfs

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We are the Next Stage Radicals and we are on a mission to make work work better. We live and work in lots of different places, collaborating as a Community of Practice and "Exploring Aloud" together. Our podcast is one of the ways we do this; sharing what we are doing and learning so that you can learn with us.