John Lodge & Hesham Abdalla #Escaping-Role-Shaped-Boxes-To-Make-Skills-Count

John  and Hesham are NHS Quality Improvement leads who have worked together to create the platform ‘’, the UK’s first national skill exchange and time-bank for improving health and social care. In their day jobs, John is the Head of Quality Improvement for the London region of NHS England and Improvement, and Hesham is the Quality Improvement lead at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, and a Consultant Paediatrician. You can find out more about John and Hesham by: - Joining them on You can join the platform for free and start offering or requesting improvement skills immediately. The video tutorials on their help page can get you started with a profile and navigation of Hexitime: - Following them on Twitter @Hexitime. NB If you are listening to this podcast before 1pm on 12th January 2021 then you can also join John and Hesham for an in depth discussion about their experiences and your opportunities to make the most of your skills, as part of our 'Exploring Aloud' series of webinars. More details via: - EXPLORING ALOUD: Escaping role-shaped boxes to make skills count with John Lodge and Hesham Abdalla.

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