Kathy Evans #Funding-Interdependence

This month's radical is Kathy Evans, Chief Executive at Children England, the membership body for children's charities. We explore Kathy's vision of a world where interdependence and collaboration are recognised as the cornerstone of public services; a world beyond markets and citizens-as-consumers, and a world where each child is supported to flourish within what Kathy calls 'the ChildFair State". During her career as a social care practitioner and policy specialist, Kathy has been the Chair of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice, a trustee of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, a member of the ACMD Hidden Harm group and DCSF Care Matters advisory group. She was a consultant to the Police Foundation and Justice, devising potential alternatives to Youth Courts, to support the Independent Commission on Youth Crime and Anti-Social  Behaviour. Kathy was named Children and Young People's Champion of the Year 2018, by the panel of young people who decide the Children & Young People Now Awards. Kathy is also passionate about being a Humanist Celebrant, performing non-religious weddings and baby namings whenever she is able! You can find out more about Kathy and her work: - by following her on Twitter. - via the Children England website. - in Children England's new strategy paper "Our Mission, Our Direction 2021-2025" And if you are reading this before 11th June 2021, you can also join Kathy for a free EXPLORING ALOUD workshop on the theme of "Funding Interdependence".

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We are the Next Stage Radicals and we are on a mission to make work work better. We live and work in lots of different places, collaborating as a Community of Practice and "Exploring Aloud" together. Our podcast is one of the ways we do this; sharing what we are doing and learning so that you can learn with us.