Laura Seebohm #Changing-Lives-Through-Trauma-Informed-Practices

Laura Seebohm is Executive Director for External Affairs at Changing Lives, a nationwide charity helping people facing challenging times to make positive change - for good. She has over 20 years’ experience in the statutory and voluntary sectors, working as a Probation Officer before joining Changing Lives in 2006. Laura developed particular expertise supporting women with experience of the criminal justice system, sexual exploitation and domestic abuse. With experience of policy at a local and national level, multiple peer research projects, lived experience, inclusion and system change practices, Laura has found herself particularly drawn to the potential of Trauma-Informed Practice as a means to truly changing lives. This approach offers a strengths-based framework, grounded in an understanding of the impact of trauma in peoples lives, and helping them to rebuild a sense of what Laura refers to as 'being, becoming and belonging' in their lives. In this episode I hear all about what led Laura to this approach, what she sees as its potential and what she and her colleagues at Changing Lives are doing to explore it in practice.  Find out more about Laura via: Linked-In @ Twitter @ Changing Lives website @ NB if you are reading this before Friday 14th May 2021 then come and join me and Laura for her EXPLORING ALOUD online workshop. We'll be unpacking more about Trauma-Informed Practice in practice and considering how it can inform the way we all live our lives and support each other, not just those who are facing the most challenging times. More info and registration @

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