Owen Lewis #Sport-Wales-Journey-Into-Complexity-Friendly-Partnerships-Funding-And-Accountability

This month’s radical is Owen Lewis, Assistant Director of Sports Systems, Strategy and Services at Sport Wales. Owen has been at the centre of work to reshape the role Sport Wales plays to become better adapted to complexity. This has led to some radical and ambitious changes to how Sport Wales and its partners are thinking about their roles, the way that funding works and how accountability should be operationalised together. In this episode we explore (i) Why Sport Wales is doing this work (ii) How they and their partners are using data to improve, not prove (iii) How trust operationalises through learning and common purpose (iv) What it's like when the doubts creep in (v) And how doing this work has released creativity, energy and intrinsic motivation. Find out more about this and related topics via: Cynefin HumanLearning.Systems Or connect with Owen via: Linked-In Twitter And if you are reading this before 9th September 2021, you can also join Owen for a free EXPLORING ALOUD workshop where we will be talking about what Owen and his colleagues are learning about what it takes to 'work the work' and not just 'talk the theory'.

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