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2: Betrayal & Circles w/Guest: Christen Cowgill

av Nicole Rowan's Podcast | Publicerades 11/4/2019

What to do with betrayal and how to know who to put in your inner circles.

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Nicole Rowan is a wife, mom, founder of the Orange County Womens Conference (Revival Women) and itinerant preacher. She is also the author of Kingdom Daughters (available on amazon) She thrives in equipping, empowering and encouraging people in their true potential and place in the Kingdom. Nicole is known as an advocate for women in Orange County, and she ministers with a strong prophetic flow, activating the body into the supernatural ways of God. Nicole is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, but currently resides in southern California with her husband, Perris is and their three children, Roarik, Rosella, and Radshak (& another on the way)! You can connect with Nicole on instagram: Nicole Lynn Rowan OR on her website: