Finding Peace In The French Riviera | Meditation Story For Sleep

Finding it hard to sleep? Join Geoffrey by the campfire and be transported to the French Riviera, to float on azure seas and stroll through cobbled streets, being soothed by the warm sun and the soft breeze. Love Night Falls? 😊  Join Night Falls Premium on Apple Podcasts or via for a rich, immersive and totally ad-free experience 🌙 Please follow and leave us a review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ How are we doing with Night Falls? Let us know 🙌 You can now listen to Night Falls on Youtube! Enjoy the latest episodes with relaxing visuals 📺 About Night Falls 🌕🦌 The Night Falls podcast has been created to gently guide you to sleep with meditation and soothing bedtime stories. Join your host, Geoffrey Austin Newland, every Sunday and Tuesday in the mystical Night Falls, where the air tingles with magic as whispers of stories drift on the breeze along with the embers of the crackling campfire. We will begin each episode with a short meditation, before Geoffrey recounts his adventures in Night Falls, or tells a peaceful bedtime story you may recognise. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Welcome to Night Falls 🌕🦌 a podcast of bedtime stories designed to help you sleep, tonight. Every Sunday and Tuesday, you can settle into a relaxing bedtime story, spoken in soothing tones and mixed with soft sounds and sleep music. If you struggle with sleep, just let go and spend a night at the falls. 🌙 Free episodes every Tuesday and Subscriber episodes on Sundays. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or via for a rich, immersive and totally ad-free experience.