Nine Lives with Dr. Kat - Episode 67 How Smart Is My Cat?

We talk with Virginia Morell. NY Times best selling author of Animal Wise, a book that explores animal intelligence. Learn how amazing animals really are and find out about new studies that suggest that cats have emotional attachment to their humans (we already knew that, right?) We talk about animals from ants and bees to elephants and parrots. You will learn things you did not know. You will be astounded and humbled by what Virginia shares!

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You have heard all the cat myths. Do cats have nine lives? You have watched your cat do quirky things. Why does your cat follow you to the bathroom? We live with these tiny predators, yet we do not truly know them. What do they really need to eat? How do their minds work? Cats are still an enigma. How do you keep your cat fit and healthy? If it is related to cats, I will relate it to you! Together we will explore all aspects of the “cat-o-sphere” and learn everything we can about cats from all kinds of cats-perts and me, Dr. Kat! Let’s laugh and learn and make cat lives better together on Nine Lives with Dr. Kat.