Susan O'Malley on Developing Diverse Teams

This week, we continue our Demystifying DEI miniseries with the conversation Stan and Chris had with Susan O'Malley. Susan serves as the Head of Strategy for Personalized Medicine at Genentech. She brings together creative leadership with decision-making and long-term future thinking in this role. Prior, she spent almost a decade at the design and innovation firm IDEO and began the first chapter of her career at Google. In this fascinating discussion, Stan and Chris dive deep into the journey of diversity, equity, and inclusion and why this is the grand challenge of our time. They explore why equity can be a stopping point for leaders and how leaders can be more inclusive. This conversation unpacks how to develop diverse teams, sharing the five dynamics as a powerful tool for balanced teams. Susan shares the importance of authenticity in our relationships. How being intentional with the process is critical, and why different perspectives are key for effective collaboration. We were enthralled by the wealth of insights Susan shared and will include the resources she referenced in the show notes.

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