The Future of Work with Philip Ross

What will "work" look like in 2022, and the years beyond it? Meet Philip Ross, a futurist who specializes on how technology influences how we live, work, shop, and socialize. He's our guest today on No Turning Back in the next episode of the "Future Focused" series. He is the founder of UnGroup and Cordless Group, and aims to help organizations navigate the future workplace. He advises companies, runs workshops and conferences, and writes books about the Future of Work, generously giving his time to us as we look ahead to the work place awaiting us.

Om Podcasten

No Turning Back is a podcast by retired Army Four-Star General Stan McChrystal and former Navy SEAL Chris Fussell. In this series, they explore the future of leadership and teams with the world's most consequential leaders. From CEOs to political leaders to deep thinkers, Stan and Chris will bring you advice from the brightest minds about how to tackle the most pressing organizational and institutional challenges we face.