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Nobody Told Me... I Could Work In Fashion

av Nobody Told Me... | Publicerades 9/2/2020

Stylist columnist and fashion features editor, Billie Bhatia, is one of the UK's most respected and talented fashion writers. She's spent the past 6 years shaking up the fashion world from the inside out, but growing up, Billie never saw herself reflected in the world of fashion magazines, and least of all believed that 'someone who looks like me' could ever succeed in the fashion industry. This is Billie's story, in her own words.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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Just when you think you’ve got life sorted, somebody – or something - throws you a curve ball. Every day we encounter unexpected events that change what we do, how we think and who we are; but it’s how we deal with those moments that really matters.  Hosted by Stylist, Nobody Told Me will share the stories of real women who have learned some of life’s toughest lessons, but who have lived to tell the tale. Through their powerful first person talks they’ll share the details of the moment that changed their lives forever… and the lessons they learned along the way.