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av Noodle Loaf | Publicerades 6/25/2018

Happy Summer Noodle Loafers! We missed you, so here's a bonus ep to get your summer road trips off on the right tire. Listen closely for your chance to win a Noodle Loaf t-shirt and/or a special recording of your child singing our new Echo Song.  Too good!

Finish The Pattern ✪
Echo Song (Now That We Know) How To Add Your Voice
Guided Doodling ✪
Jam Along ✪

Contest 1: Five listeners who share this episode on FB or Twitter (before July 1st) will be randomly chosen to win a version of "Now That We Know" with only your child's voice! Don't forget to tag @NoodleLoafShow.

Contest 2: Upload a photo of your child's Guided Doodle (before July 1st) with what you think I think you were drawing. One correct answer will win a Noodle Loaf T-Shirt from

More singing, more smiling and more Apple Podcasts reviews pls :)  Those help other families find the show which helps more singing happen in the world. 

ALSO! Want to add your voice to the Noodle Loaf choir? The echo song and instructions are here. Find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram or write us at

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