#002 with Inger Gustafsson, Chairwoman at Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley

At Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley, Inger Gustafsson connects the most renowned tech hub of the world with the Nordics. Before, she was the head of the department for societal innovation at Vinnova, the Swedish innovation agency. Together, we discuss how innovation clusters are built, how Nordic Innovation House builds a bridge between different innovation ecosystems, and what the Nordics can learn from the valley (and the other way around).Find out more:Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley:https://www.nordicinnovationhouse.com/siliconvalleyVinnova:https://www.vinnova.se/

Om Podcasten

For years, the Nordic countries have been ranking on the top of all innovation rankings. But what is the secret formula behind some of the most innovative countries in the world? The Nordic Innovation Lab explores the secrets behind the Nordic’s success in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. Every Wednesday I talk with innovation enablers, promotors, and drivers from all across the Nordics to discover what sets the Nordics apart and what other countries can learn from it.