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Freja's golden tears of Amber

av Norse myth & sagas with Sigrdrifa | Publicerades 2/9/2021

FREJA’s GOLDEN TEARS of AMBERGullveig (the golden way) is ”the bright and clear” Vanadis Freja with a valuable ”golden necklace” and two beautiful daughters ”the golden twins” with names ”the treasures & gems”. Freja cries ”red golden tears of amber” as she went looking all over the world for her beloved and lost Od. But where can we find a connection with Od, also called ”the furious with ecstasy”?Sigrdrifa will explore on the mystery about Od.

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"The Vala was there"Norse myth & sagas with SigrdrifaI explore various subjects in Norse mythology.I speak about the role that a godess, giantess or Valkyries played in Norse society when it comes to initiating kings or warriors. I exploring the purpose of initiations called ”sacred marriage” and the esoterica behind  ”finding a spirit spouse”. The great psychologist Carl Jung have greatly contributed to our understanding of the unconscious influence of the archetypes, I speak about this as well as the process of how we become more self-aware, and how we integrate the shadow self of our psyche. ....and much more