Norse myth & sagas with Sigrdrifa

”Sky gods, Creation gods and the Noble warrior”

av Norse myth & sagas with Sigrdrifa | Publicerades 8/29/2020

The most known skygod in Norse myth is Heimdall, even though Tor and Tyr also are candidates.I will venture to say there is yet another skygod, forgotten from a time when our forefathers viewed the sky differently. I will explore on this.I will also bring focus the three creation gods; Oden, Höner and Lodur. We know about Oden but who is Höner and Lodur?And talk about the awakening process of ”the noble warrior” the Aristos; (the warrior cast connected to the remnant blood of the ancient Indo European people).

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"The Vala was there"Norse myth & sagas with SigrdrifaI explore various subjects in Norse mythology.I speak about the role that a godess, giantess or Valkyries played in Norse society when it comes to initiating kings or warriors. I exploring the purpose of initiations called ”sacred marriage” and the esoterica behind  ”finding a spirit spouse”. The great psychologist Carl Jung have greatly contributed to our understanding of the unconscious influence of the archetypes, I speak about this as well as the process of how we become more self-aware, and how we integrate the shadow self of our psyche. ....and much more