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The magical rune row Utharken

av Norse myth & sagas with Sigrdrifa | Publicerades 10/14/2020

This presentation is about the magical rune row Utharken.There was an author and poet born in Värmland , Sweden, in 1881, worked in Lund and died there in 1937 by the name Sigurd Agrell. He is perhaps best known for his runological work and theories. He presented the ”Uthark theor”, therefor the old Utharken is better known as ”the magical rune row”.He focuses on rune magic and gematria. He was well-versed in Roman and Greek mythology and had excellent knowledge about the Indo-European mythologies as well as Norse mythology. The book ”Lapptrummor och Runmagi" is one of the books that Sigurd Agrell wrote about rune magic and I take information from that book when I briefly try to describe the 24 runes in the magic rune row Utharken, it’s about the symbol, the numerical and the sound value plus its connection with Norse and Indo-European mythologies.

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"The Vala was there"Norse myth & sagas with SigrdrifaI explore various subjects in Norse mythology.I speak about the role that a godess, giantess or Valkyries played in Norse society when it comes to initiating kings or warriors. I exploring the purpose of initiations called ”sacred marriage” and the esoterica behind  ”finding a spirit spouse”. The great psychologist Carl Jung have greatly contributed to our understanding of the unconscious influence of the archetypes, I speak about this as well as the process of how we become more self-aware, and how we integrate the shadow self of our psyche. ....and much more