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Dr. Ismail Badjie - Modernizing Healthcare in The Gambia: (InnovaRX Global)

av Not From Silicon Valley | Publicerades 6/14/2021

1 in 10,000: The physician to person ratio in The Gambia, one of the lowest in the world. 4%: The percentage of Gambians that has health insurance. ~USD$0.50: The cost to visit a public hospital in The Gambia. USD$1 billion: The size of the counterfit and sub-standard medication market in Sub-Saharan Africa. Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa is riddled with problems that have rippling effects on many African communities and economies. So after years of working at US pharmacy chain Walgreens in North Carolina, Gambian national Dr. Ismail Badjie returned home to Banjul, (The Gambia's capital) to revolutionize the Gambian healthcare sector by building the country's first vertically integrated, digitally friendly pharmacy in 2019. Less than 2 years later, InnovaRX is helping tens of thousands of Gambians get access to affordable healthcare and FDA-approved medications, with Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia on the horizon. But to go from Walgreens to changing healthcare as we know it in West Africa? A story heard only on Not From Silicon Valley.

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