Measuring Risk/Reward (EP:21)

FREE COURSE: JOURNAL AMAZON: INVESTING JOURNAL: A MEMBER: the best investing community on the web at Auguryresearch.comjoin today and start realizing alpha with our team. ---About Augury.Our goal is to provide individual investors with market analysis and opinion through independent authors. We have built an underground investment community on the foundation of quality research and weighed investment opportunities.  Traditional stock message boards are outdated and limit collaborative research. Through our platform, investors can work together to research and discuss investment opportunities.  Unfortunately, typical Wall Street research is of little use. Analyst recommendations lack independence from investment banking relationships, which creates incentives leading to biased research and ideas that can be clouded by institutional groupthink.  Most importantly, the most lucrative investments for individual investors take place in smaller capitalization stocks, which most analysts ignore. This creates a lack of competent investment research available to individual investors.

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Welcome to The Alpha Algorithm This podcast's mission is to dig deep into the habits and mental models that have guided our guests on their journey to high achievement across investing, business, and sports. Your host's Andy Walker & Tyler Dupont lead Augury Research a subscription-based research platform for small and microcap investors. Andy and Tyler found each other in 2017 through social media and began having daily conversations in regards to markets and individual securities that snowballed into Augury Research. Disclaimer: Nothing in this podcast or on is investment advice. All information in this is opinion-based, potentially biased, and requires verification. ANy assumptions, opinions, and estimates expressed constitute the participants and host's judgment as if the date thereof and are subject to change without notice. This podcast does not constitute an offer to buy or sell any securities mentioned or discussed. Seek the advice of financial, tax, legal, and accounting advisors. We are not your fiduciary or advisor.