Jason Palasota, Clinitiative Health Research

Jason Palasota had always been passionate about improving the quality of clinical research services delivered to patients. He first got his feet wet working on the ground level as a site coordinator for Cetero Research, formerly known as Diabetes and Glandular Research. From there, he began to develop an even deeper respect for the industry and continued to pursue opportunities that would allow him to drive change. After working on the ground level, he was inspired to make an impact and improve the quality of clinical research services delivered to patients. Determined to bring about positive change, Jason worked his way up from proposal development and inside sales roles to external business development positions at Worldwide Clinical Trials, ResearchPoint Global, and IQVIA (formally Quintiles). As Jason gained more experience in this field, he became increasingly aware of significant relationship and communication gaps that existed within the industry. He was determined to bridge these gaps by forming strong partnerships between exceptional clinical research sites and innovative sponsors/CROs. His goal was simple: make a positive difference in people’s lives through top-tier healthcare solutions around the world. Clinitiative Health Research was born. This week we discuss the various business development models for sites, why sites might want to consider partnering with a business development vendor, and the incredible significance of relationships in clinical research.  Clinitiative Health Research on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/clinitiative/   Clinitiative Health Research on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClinitiativeHR ,  Clinitiative Health Research on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClinitiativeHealthResearch Learn more about our sponsor, Inato: https://go.inato.com/41YxjXY

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