Jennifer Bonfrisco, Corlexia Clinical Services

 Jennifer Bonfrisco has spent over 30 years working in R & D for Pharma, CROs, and Academia.   She began her career in preclinical pharm/tox, transitioned to clinical research, and has never looked back. Over the years, some things have changed, but slow patient enrollment and barriers to participation have stayed static. Trial accessibility was the spark that led Jennifer to create Corlexia Clinical Services. Jennifer spent years finding ways to make trials more patient and doctor-friendly, leading her to create a company dedicated to building customized trial solutions resulting in reaching more medical practices, patients, and families. Corlexia allows each client to develop a comprehensive cross-functional, patient- and doctor-centric strategy. Identifying the specific needs of patients and doctors creates an early blueprint that results in a more robust, focused clinical development and regulatory roadmap.  Corlexia partners with organizations to enhance their strategy for clinical development, regulatory affairs, and clinical trial marketing. In this episode we discuss the importance of community engagement, the need for a human connection all throughout the patient recruitment process, and rethinking physician referrals.

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