Steve Rosenberg, uMotif

Steve Rosenberg's career in life science and healthcare spans more than 40 years. He has led the development and deployment of cloud-based solutions with a focus on driving more integrated approaches to patient-centric trial management.  Steve was most recently Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Health Sciences. Prior to that he was the visionary behind the integrated clinical technology suite introduced by Phase Forward which was acquired by Oracle in 2010. Steve joined uMotif’s board earlier this year.  In his spare time, Steve enjoys summers on Cape Cod with his family. Steve also sits on the board of two residential homes for abused children, and started a non-profit company, The One By One Project with his wife to help people in need in the Boston area.  This week we discuss the state of ePRO/eCOA, the ever changing patient burden and decentralized clinical trials.

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