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Episode 33: Keeping the Confidence While Becoming the Leader You Want to See | Across Your Life, Work, Business & Spirituality ft. Dana James-Mwangi

In this episode, we will discuss how to truly become a leader and step into your own definition of what it is to be a leader. We will be learning from a wonderful person in my life. My brand strategist who is also a close friend. She will not only bring in the facts and research behind becoming a leader, but also her own experiences as a successful entrepreneur, mother, wife and so much more. So let's dig into leadership and how we can expand our horizons in all parts of our lives, even with outside pressure, trauma, difficulties and stressful times. ★Got suggestions or want to send in your questions? Send them to Find Dana James-Mwagi: Website 1: Website 2: IG: ★Visit my website and take my FREE 8-Day SUPERNATURAL Video Course here: ★Shop my Amazon Store (Shop in my store and I earn commission): Link to article for today: ★JOIN ME★: Website: YouTube: Instagram: BeautifulBrwnBabyDol Facebook: @BeautifulBrwnBabyDol --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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On Now That's Life, Dr. Nina shares her lessons as a 100-pound weight loss champion, Licensed Psychologist, Tenured Professor, and lifestyle vlogger with over 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and 70 million video views. She delivers her expertise, research, and steps on how women can align mentally, physically and emotionally to get what they deserve in life. She reads listener letters, answers questions, and dives into requested topics. This podcast is for you if you need motivation to reach fitness, career, and relationship goals, or to learn about the mystery of seeking therapy. Support this podcast: