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27th June 1995 - Houston, We Have A Problem

av Number One Rerun Podcast | Publicerades 11/3/2020

Thank you for clicking on Number One Rerun.   This week we look back at who was number one in music, TV & film on 27th June 1995 as well as chatting about other bits & pieces from on that day.   Send us a date to cover in a future episode via twitter, instagram, faceboook, youtube or email us numberonererun@hotmail.com  We are the creators of www.britpodscene.com Carla can also be found with her other middle class friend at https://themeparkfilms.podbean.com Our artwork was provided by Stacey of Run With Me On This & Rough Giraffe Podcast 

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A comedy podcast where we get pop culture nostalgic by discussing the number ones of a particular date