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OFF TOPIC Bumper Birthday Edition 2

av Number One Rerun Podcast | Publicerades 9/1/2020

Thank you for clicking on Number One Rerun. This week we celebrate two years of the show by doing a one off special. HUGE thanks to anyone who has contributed to the show over the past couple of years. Any like, review, follow really is appreciated. We are currently on the breakfast show of Podcast Radio. Download the app/listen online to discover loads of great shows - all for free. Send us a date to cover in a future episode via twitter, instagram, faceboook or email us numberonererun@hotmail.com   We are the creators of www.britpodscene.com Carla can also be found with her other middle class friend at https://themeparkfilms.podbean.com Our artwork was provided by Stacey of Run With Me On This Podcast/Rough Giraffe Podcast

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A comedy podcast where we get pop culture nostalgic by discussing the number ones of a particular date