Ep: 24 Kirby Hood - Supporting women in birth and documenting their experience through photography

Kirby Hood from Olive Juice Lifestyle Photography is an award-winning birth Photographer and Doula. In our chat with Kirby we talk about her role as a Doula and how she supports women and also we clear up some of the most common questions asked about Birth Photography... And no birth photography is not just about taking photos of your vagina. Through the work Kirby does she is able to document the whole birth experience for families to look back on and reflect on the amazing moments. If you live within the Brisbane, QLD Gold Coast area and want to connect with Kirby as a Doula or to photograph your birth you can follower her on Instagram @olivejuicelifestyle or website www.olivejuicelifestylephotography.com.au Be sure to also follow Nicola and Shari: Shari Lyon - @belly2birth or to book into an upcoming Hypnobirthing Online Course CLICK HERE @nicola_laye or to breathe and work with Nicola CLICK HERE

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Nurture Hub is a podcast for women who are planning a pregnancy, who are pregnant & for new mums looking for support, mentoring and connection.  We will be talking to real women just like you, sharing our stories and bringing In the professionals to share knowledge.   We are thrilled and ready to share, laugh, cry. We hope you enjoy every moment.   Love Nicola Laye & Shari Lyon