Ep 33: Induction of Labour at 39 weeks based off the ARRIVE Study with Pip Wynn Owen

Pip Wynn Owen is an Advanced Childbirth and Parenting Educator, Registered Midwife, Award-Winning Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner, and a Mother of 4 based in Perth Australia. We wanted to invite Pip onto this episode today to talk about the randomized controlled trial that took place in the USA called the ARRIVE Trial that now many caregivers are referring to when recommending induction of labour to women at 39 weeks to help reduce the rate of Caesarean Section. We wanted to unpack the study and look at it from a number of views so that if you are being recommended induction that you could equip yourself with questions to ask caregivers so you feel that you are making an informed decision. To learn more from Pip you can connect with her and read her blogs about pregnancy and birth at www.birthsavvy.com.au Here are some more websites we recommend you check out: https://everyweekcounts.com.au/ http://mindfulchildbirthsantacruz.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ARRIVEinfographic2.pdf https://sarahbuckley.com/should-every-mother-be-induced-the-arrive-trial/ Shari has also just released her own Introduction to Childbirth Education Online course called 'The Journey to Birth' this online course helps you understand the physiology of birth and gives you some beautiful techniques to help you through your pregnancy and birth preparation and you can get the course for only $97 AUD The course is made up of 10 x Video Modules and includes MP3 Albums and PDF worksheets. CLICK HERE to purchase the course today or you can work with Shari Live through her Online Hypnobirthing Courses HERE Nicola would also love to support you through birth and postpartum through her breathing workshops and she will soon be releasing her 6 week  Pregnancy Program CLICK HERE for more information on how to work with Nicola.

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