Ep:39 - It's time to dump the 'Birth Plan' and create a 'Birth Map' instead

Can we be honest with you??? We hate the term 'BIRTH PLAN'!! you are probably thinking What? Why?? Because when we put one 'Plan' on one experience then we put a lot of expectation on ourselves and when things don't 'go to plan' then we can come out of our birth feeling disappointed and even traumatised. We both work with women through pregnancy to help them prepare for all kinds of births and so when we met Catherine Bell and did her 'Birth Cartography - Birth Mapping' workshop we felt this was the answer that we were looking for in helping you all prepare for birth and any possible detours that came up. Catherine Bell is The Birth Cartographer and author of The Birth Map: boldly going where no birth plan has gone before.  She created the concept of Birth Maps to facilitate communication and aid confident navigation of the maternity landscape.    After her second child was born, she trained as a doula and breastfeeding educator, as much to learn about Mothering as to be able to support others.  This led to becoming a birth advocate and consumer representative, with a keen focus on communication and the undertaking of a PhD.   We hope you enjoy this episode and if you would like to work with us further click on the links below to see our programs. Shari Lyon - Belly2Birth Hypnobirthing Nicola Laye - Breathwork

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Nurture Hub is a podcast for women who are planning a pregnancy, who are pregnant & for new mums looking for support, mentoring and connection.  We will be talking to real women just like you, sharing our stories and bringing In the professionals to share knowledge.   We are thrilled and ready to share, laugh, cry. We hope you enjoy every moment.   Love Nicola Laye & Shari Lyon