Ep:40 - Women’s Mysteries & Rites Of Passage with Jane Hardwicke Collings

We are so grateful to be able to share this special interview with Jane Hardwicke Collings - A Women’s Mysteries Teacher, Women-crafter, a Mother, Grandmother, Former Midwife, A Writer, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator. Jane is a former Registered Nurse, and worked in that capacity in Paediatric Intensive Care Units and Women’s Operating Theatres. Jane became a midwife at 26 and left the hospital system so as not to be complicit with institutionalised acts of abuse and violence on women and babies masquerading as safety. Jane ‘grew up’ in the home-birth world and was a home-birth midwife for 30 years in the city and then rural areas. Her own births have taught her who she is and what she is capable of. Jane travels to give workshops on the wisdom of the cycles and the spiritual practice of menstruation; preparation for menstruation for mothers and daughters; and the sacred and shamanic dimensions of pregnancy, birth, mothering and menopause; and how to reclaim and heal our rites of passage. Jane also offers teacher training for these. Jane speaks at conferences and festivals and offers her books and e-courses to help heal the wounded feminine and wounded masculine of our patriarchal culture. Jane is on a mission and is committed to working to help heal birth through helping mothers be more informed about how the system works and their rights, to heal traumatic birth experiences, to help birth workers be more aware of their impact on babies, mothers and fathers, to help heal menstruation by encouraging conscious rites of passage at menarche (first period) and helping women remember the importance of being connected to their body and their menstrual cycle, to banish menstrual shame and co-create a positive menstrual culture, and to reclaim menopause from medicine and help women harness the transformation powers of menopause. Basically to reclaim feminine knowledge, wisdom and power through reconnection with the women’s mysteries. Sit back and enjoy every moment of Jane’s Wisdom. We hope you enjoy this episode and if you would like to work with us further click on the links below to see our programs. Shari Lyon - Belly2Birth  Hypnobirthing Nicola Laye - Breath Work /Pregnancy Coach To work with Jane or to learn more please contact:- https://janehardwickecollings.com E Courses https://janehardwickecollings.com/ecourse/ Shop https://janehardwickecollings.com/shop/

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