Eps: 30 Acupressure Points for Labour & Birth with Dr Kate Levett

In this awesome episode, we interview Dr Kate Levett BEd (HME, Hons I), MPH (Epi), PhD, Adv.Dip.App.Sci (Acup), Grad. Dip Jap. Acup (Manaka) Kate Levett is a practitioner and researcher of Japanese and Chinese Acupuncture, with over 20 years’ experience as an acupuncturist, researcher, birth educator and teacher. Kate’s particular interests are in women’s health, including menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, labour and birth preparation and menopause.  She has an interest in treating migraines, endometriosis, chronic pain conditions and sleeping issues.  She believes that acupuncture is extremely effective for hormonal balancing within the body to help a large number of health issues that women in particular face. Kate is a mentor for the international Maternal Acupuncture Mentoring Program (MAMPs), and enjoys mentoring up and coming acupuncturists in specific maternity acupuncture treatment strategies. She is a consultant for independent childbirth education programs in Australia and internationally, such as CalmBirth and Hypnobirthing Australia, and is a research advisor with Lamaze International and the Obstetric Acupuncture Association in Canada. At West Street Wellbeing, Kate combines her understanding of acupuncture practice and research, education and women’s health to design effective treatment strategies for your health and wellness. Kate is a Senior Research Fellow and NHMRC Fellow at the School of Medicine Sydney, at the University of Notre Dame Australia. She has completed her PhD at the NICM Health Research Institute at Western Sydney University.  The topic of the research was investigating an antenatal education course incorporating complementary medicines for pain relief in labour and birth for first time mothers. As a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner, I now teach these techniques to my clients in my classes and the feedback that I have been getting is amazing. Nicola and I really enjoyed connecting with Kate and we hope you enjoyed this episode. To book into an upcoming Hypnobirthing Course online visit www.belly2birth.com.au To work with Nicola Laye and breathe for birth visit www.nicolalaye.com

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