Eps: 35 - How to look after your changing body during pregnancy & postpartum

We get down to the nit and gritty of how to support our bodies and Pelvic Floor during pregnancy and postpartum with Sarah Anderson. Sarah is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and specialises in Pelvic Floor Health.  Sarah has a practice on the Gold Coast and also has a great podcast called Listen Up Ladies. Please note that what we share in this podcast is for information purposes to help you understand your changing body during pregnancy & postpartum, we are not giving medical advice, please ensure you seek advice from your own health care team or please contact Sarah directly via;- www.instagram.com/femalephysioco To listen to Sarah's podcast check out www.instagram.com/listenupladies.podcast If you would like to join Shari's new Online Course 'The Journey to Birth' to help you understand what your journey could look like then CLICK HERE and join for only $97 AUD If you would like to work with Nicola through breathwork in preparation for your birth or postpartum then CLICK HERE

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Nurture Hub is a podcast for women who are planning a pregnancy, who are pregnant & for new mums looking for support, mentoring and connection.  We will be talking to real women just like you, sharing our stories and bringing In the professionals to share knowledge.   We are thrilled and ready to share, laugh, cry. We hope you enjoy every moment.   Love Nicola Laye & Shari Lyon