Torsdagar Nurturing The Future - 1001 Days To Save The World

Episode 1 - Claire Morris: Birthing without fear with an open heart feeling prepared for parenthood

av Nurturing The Future - 1001 Days To Save The World | Publicerades 2/25/2021

Claire shares essential wisdom on what you need to know for a joyful and relaxed birth and what she learnt from not investing in birth preparation with her first baby. Sign up to my Free Nurture University 10 Day Online Parent And Baby Wellness Summit here:

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These episodes are created with love by Blossom & Berry Baby Massage and Yoga. We have been teaching the power of love and connection to parents and babies across the world for over 18 years and have over 1000 teachers nurturing parents and babies every day. We are on a mission to provide love, support and nurturing care for parents and babies in the first 1001 days of life because it’s during this time we can have the biggest impact on the lives of babies and children through their physical, social and emotional development. The first 1001 days of life is where we can help all humans reach their full potential. We are on a mission to change the world with love, one baby at a time. We believe that love creates love. When we provide parents with love, support and nurturing care, they can provide babies with love support and nurturing care who grow up to give others love support and nurturing care. This is how we love the world forward. We are here to raise the value of love, care, support and responsive parenting. It’s time to nurture the future and the power is in our hands. Tune in to find out more….. Blossom & Berry is an international teacher training organisation teaching the power of love and connection for parent and baby wellbeing across the world. To connect with us more, join our Facebook community “Blossom & Berry - The Membership-Global Birth And Baby Teachers Collective” where you can ask questions and get support.