Octane by Charley Hackerson

S1E5 - Style Points

av Octane by Charley Hackerson | Publicerades 6/1/2019

In this episode, we will discuss the difference between "NORMAL" sales environments and those that achieve a success mindset.   Please make sure to check out the supporting material either before or after the episode. Supporting visuals are available at no charge at www.patreon.com/chackerson. Please feel free to become a patron to support closing the achievement gap.  100% of the proceeds go to the Jeremiah Program (www.jeremiahprogram.org).

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Music composed and performed by Will Hackerson.

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Welcome to Octane! Ignite the spark and fuel the flames! When you are cold in the wilderness, fire is a game-changer. It's what helps you survive, and lighting a fire has two phases: 1) the initial spark, and 2) getting that spark to grow into a nice fire. Octane is all about helping growth companies understand how to create the initial spark of growth and then nurture that flame during those early, tenuous moments to create the sales culture necessary for hyper-growth. For those that have experienced hyper-growth with me, I will be sharing some grounding principles and new learnings.